Value is part of our heritage and culture. Toyota forklifts are built with more put into them so that you can get more out of them - more performance, more reliability, more up-time. The value of a Toyota forklift becomes even more apparent over time as they have the best resale rate and residual values in the industry which is why Toyota continues to rank as the #1 selling forklift since 2002. No other manufacturer can offer the value of a Toyota, but then, no one values its customers more.

Benefits to buying a Toyota Forklift

  • Toyota Production System (TPS) - The perfect blend between automation and human touch. People design our forklifts and people design the automation. And it's people who have the power and responsibility to halt production at the sign of a quality issue - at any step along the manufacturing process. Toyota forklifts are built with a combination of quality, innovation, and genuine heart and soul.

  • System of Active Stability (SAS) - The world’s first and only active stability system that dynamically minimizes the likelihood of tip-over. Ultimately decreasing risk for operators, those around them and safeguarding product and equipment.

  • Toyota Industrial Engines-Toyota engines are built from the ground up specifically for our forklifts. These engines undergo a rigorous 10,000 hour testing to ensure legendary performance and reliability. Whatever the application, light to heavy-duty, you’ll not only find the specialized forklift you need from Toyota, you’ll also find the specialized engine to power it.


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