TMHNE Fleet Management Solutions

Not all forklift fleets are created equal and the needs of your fleet will not be the same as other companies. Toyota Material Handling Fleet Solutions works with our customers to understand their needs. We come to work for you and bring a toolbox filled with a host of products and services so we can design a fleet solution that will fit your needs and manage the costs of operating a material handling fleet.

Our process includes:

  • A current analysis of your current equipment including age, condition, market value, maintenance and utilization history.
  • Site and Operation needs analysis to design what your actual equipment needs are and compare that to your current material handling operations.
  • Review of gaps in your current maintenance and operation procedures to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Finally our Fleet Solutions Team will develop options for your fleet complete with maintenance, fleet "rightsizing", replacement and procurement strategies.

TMHNE's fleet solutions are developed with the customer in mind and the right tools in place to remove the mystery from forklift fleets management needs.